Aspects That Make Name Cards Still Relevant in 2019

Digitization of things is getting more and more common as the years go by. People desire a faster way to do things with the existing advanced technology, and older way of doing things are started to be forgotten. Business card or name card printing as one of the more conventional way of introducing your business has started to be stripped off of its importance due to this changing era. However, they actually can still offer a lot, and they are in reality still important for doing business.

1. Convenient contact exchange

A name card works in a simple way, and simplifying it at times can be way of a stretch. The exchange of business or contact information with a name card is very easy, and it can be done anywhere with anyone. It holds all the important information that is needed to contact you some time in the future and the card can be easily stored in the recipient’s pocket or wallet. Of course, exchanging contact information sounds easier with phones or digitally in general. However, sometimes there are circumstances where you or the potential business partner does not have the device at the moment, or it can not be used. At times like this, if you have a name card, you don’t have to worry about it at all. If needed, later on, the information on your name card can be transferred into their database if they deem it necessary.

2. Feels more personal

Exchanging business contact information with a name card means that you will have to face the client or prospect directly. You have to converse with them, really communicate, and try to give the best impression so that they can be sure to trust you and do business with you. You can build a good relationship and actually connect with them this way, rather than exchanging information digitally that does not require the two parties to see each other to do so.

Although your interpersonal skills are very important in this, the design and overall quality including the card stock or paper quality that you use for your name card is also very crucial in giving the best impression toward anyone you’re trying to engage with. Make sure that you come up with a name card that has the best quality possible, designed as meticulous as it can be.

3. Appropriate

Some businessmen or entrepreneur are more laid back, or they are already accustomed to the digitization of things that they can accept exchanging information digitally. However, some countries or certain cultures still regard name card as very important in exchanging business contact. For example, in Hong Kong, you are required to provide your name card after receiving the name card of the other party. If you can’t offer your name card, then you won’t be able to impress them or give them the appropriate impression. This may result in a bad situation or outcome for you as they won’t be able to trust you as a reliable business partner.

Neira San

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