Choosing The Right Paper Material For Sticker Printing

Did you know that stickers are one of the highest-selling digital products in the market in this era? It is cheap and very useful to promote almost everything, from businesses, projects, even political campaigns. Sticker printing is a service that is very important and highly demanded sticker printing businesses that are needed by businesses from small to large, event organizers, political parties, university activists, and many more.

If you are one of those people who are interested in printing stickers for whatever purpose you need it to be, you should at the very least have the design of the sticker that you should hand into a printing service. The printing service would probably ask you what kind of paper you want to choose to create the stickers. Now, this can be quite confusing especially if you are not familiar with each one.

In this article, you will learn about some of it so that you can know which type of sticker paper material is suitable for the design and purpose of your sticker.

1. HVS Paper

This is a very basic material that unfortunately does not support high-quality printing. Stickers made from HVS paper have low durability and it does not look all that nice. It is better for personal uses rather than commercial. If you are trying to promote something with your stickers, it is better to choose other types of paper that support high-quality printing that look better.

2. Kraft paper

Kraft paper is almost similar to HVS in terms of quality and texture. The main difference between the two is the color, where kraft paper is usually brown. A common inkjet printer can support this type of paper, thus it has a low to average quality as well.

3. Chromo Paper

Stickers that are made from chromo paper will have a glossy texture. To put it simply, the chromo paper feels like the paper used for magazines. To print on this paper, it requires art paper ink. Thus, the common office printer won’t be able to process this paper. It has better quality compared to HVS and kraft paper, of course, since one of its greatest strengths is that it is quite water-resistant.

4. Vinyl paper

This is one of the best materials for stickers that are not only durable but also affordable. Vinyl material is durable, so the stickers made from this material is not easy to tear off. The vinyl paper requires a laser printer and artpaper ink. It won’t be easy to deteriorate due to its durability, and it supports finishes such as coating to make it even more durable.

5. Transparent paper

The material of a transparent paper is closer to plastic instead of paper. This material can be good for stickers, but it is more common to be used in acrylic keychain printing. It requires laser printers to print on this material.

If you are still confused, make sure you consult with your sticker printing shop. Usually, they will be glad to help you and give some of their thoughts on the matter so that you can get the best stickers for your needs.

Devin Garde

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