The Gist About Company Seal and its Importance

A company seal is often used by many companies around the world for its importance. At first, it was obligatory to use a company seal for the purpose of authorizing and authenticating a document before it gets released or issued by the company or organization along with the signature of the company’s director. However, the laws changed and it is no longer mandatory. Despite so, it is still very often used for its propriety and many benefits.

A company seal can be obtained after a company ha successfully registered their business with the government and obtained a registration number. This registration number is to be included in the design of the company seal, and it must be present without fail. Only then a company seal is regarded as valid.

Once you make the design, you can simply contact a company seal manufacturer to make your order. The manufacturer will produce the seal within several working days. The required time may vary depending on the manufacturer. Some can be really fast, even completing it within a day. Some can take a little longer than the other.

Company seal is made by affixing two opposing metal plates on a metal handle. The way it works is by pressing these two metals against the two sides of a paper and leave an embossed mark on the surface. It is ink-free and simple to do.

The people who usually have the authority to use a company seal in a company are the company directors and the secretary upon the approval of the company director under certain circumstances. Usually, a witness is required to be present who can attest to the signing of the document.

Since it is no longer an obligatory requirement for a document to be authorized since now the signature of the company director is enough, some people may question whether it is still necessary to make an order for a company seal for their company.

A company seal is known to make the process of document authorization feel more professional. Your company will be able to present itself in a more formal and proper way. It may be a simple gesture to leave the mark of your company with a company seal in the document, but it can be really significant in giving a positive light to your company’s work ethics and impression on the receiving end.

Other than that, take note that some countries around the world still requires a company seal for the process of document authorization. If you get the chance to work with them, you have to always be prepared. It really doesn’t hurt to have one and try to give a little more above the average than doing the bare minimum even before it is required to use. You can really put your company in a good light and it doesn’t even take up too much effort to do it. A company seal also doesn’t cost much, so you definitely should give it a go. You can visit here to find out more info about the product.

Devin Garde

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