4 Ways You Can Print Attractive Banners in Singapore

The design of a banner is very important because it does not only affect the effectiveness of it as it is put up to advertise, but also it can determine whether you will get the best results upon the printing process or not. Banner printing quality in Singapore may vary depending on place to place due to the possible difference in equipment used to print but it is important to first try to make a design that supports high quality printing so that you can get the best of your banner.

Read more to know what are the things that you must remember as you design your banner so that it can be printed in a high quality.

1. Resolution

It is very important to first check the resolution of everything in the design. Remember to work in 300 dpi. In this resolution, everything will be able to maintain its quality upon printing, even if for huge banners. You have to remember to check especially for the images and graphics inserted into the design of the banner. Only with a banner design of this quality, you can print a high quality banner with high resolution that looks sharp and crisp all the way to the details so that it will look good from any distance.

2. Material

One of the best materials that you can choose for a banner is PVC. It can enhance the design of your banner by making sure that it has a high quality looking image as a result of printing as well as vibrant colors that look beautiful and attractive. If you choose the right type of ink for banner printing, you can get a truly durable banner because this material is innately stronger to various conditions such as moisture, rain, heat, extreme weather, and any others compared to the other material available for banner printing.

3. Design in CMYK

Most designing applications or software uses RGB colors as default. You have to remember to change it before you start designing into CMYK to match the printing inks that are used to produce the banner. Designing and printing in CMYK colors mean that you can achieve more accurate colors upon printing since if you design in RGB, it tends to come out brighter upon printing in CMYK. To avoid this, make sure you match the color process used in design and printing.

4.High Quality Printing

Don’t try to save up too much money by going to a cheap printing service with limited equipment. Try to find one with the state of the art printing equipment that can help you make high quality banner for more effective advertising and marketing efforts. This kind of printing service may cost you more, but you don’t want a campaign that goes to waste. If you can’t get a high quality banner and push to advertise with low quality banner, it is more likely that you won’t succeed because even if the design is attractive, the material may won’t be good enough to display its true potential. So, invest in high quality banner and reap the maximum benefits from it.

Devin Garde

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