Top Tips and Easel Stand Types for Artists

You might have noticed how the easel stands sold in stores have different shapes and styles. Perhaps you wondered what are the differences between each and which one is the right one for you. 

Well, you’re about to find out. But first, let’s talk about why do you need an easel stand. 

The easel stand is not mandatory, but it sure is important and very useful. Working on paintings is not easy as it can be really time consuming and in the long term, it takes a toll on your body as well. An easel stand can really help you in working in a better posture and keeps you away from injuring yourself as well as protecting your painting from unwanted damages such as dust, water, or others. 

Even though buying an easel stand can be quite expensive, it can last you a long time. It is a good long term investment and if you are planning to be a professional artist, you should definitely consider getting one. 

Many feel that with an easel stand, their artistic side is encouraged and they’re more motivated to work as well. So why not, right? 

What to Consider 

Of course, there are considerations that you need to take into account before you buy an easel stand. First thing first, budget. It is natural that this is one of the most determining factors of all as people have different economic capacities for an easel stand. Next, try to truly know the medium that you most often use as well as the size of canvas that you prefer. Then, take a look at your working space. Is it spacious? Is it cramped or does it have limited space? These are important for your decision as well.

 Now, let’s learn about the types of easel stands that are often bought by artists: 

1. Lyre Easel Stand

The lyre easel stand is also known as A frame easel stand or tripod easel stand. This type of easel stand has three supporting frames that resemble the letter A, hence the name. It is quite an affordable type of easel stand with decent sturdiness and quality. It supports small to medium sized canvases and can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is easy to fold and transport as well as store anywhere at any time. 

 2. H Frame Easel

If the A frame easel seemingly is not sturdy enough for you, or perhaps too small for the size of canvas that you often use, then you can try the H frame easel which is sturdier and can handle larger canvases. It is strong and bulky, thus it is not easy to fold and store. It requires a spacious working place because you can’t really fold it away easily. 

3. Single Mast Easel

If you are a complete beginner with a very limited budget, then you might want to consider a single mast easel as it is one of the best easel stands for newly started artists. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and definitely sturdy as well as affordable.

Devin Garde

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