8 Types of Easel Stands for Professional Artists

Did you know that there are around eight types of easel stands that you can choose from? That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? But don’t get confused, just read through each type and try to find one that matches your working style as well as budget before you make your purchase. 

 1. A Frame Easel

Also known as Lyre easel, this is one of the most popular types of easel stand that is often bought by beginners and even all the way to professionals. It is decent, however not exactly super sturdy. This type of easel stand is perfect if you want one that is transportable, foldable, and easy to adjust. It works for artists who use 38″-75″ canvases. The price range of this type of easel is from $50-$250. 

 2. H Frame Easel

If you need a sturdier easel stand, then choose the H frame easel. It is sturdier and stronger than the A frame easel and supports larger canvases. It takes quite a lot of space, so only get this easel stand if you have enough space in your working studio. The price for H frame easel is between $90 to $1460. 

 3. Giant Easel

Working with canvases that are larger than 96″? Don’t worry, the giant easel is available for you. It is heavy, strong, and sturdy and it can handle up to 8 ft paintings. The price for this easel stand ranges from $300 to $1800. 

 4. Convertible Easel

If you work with different types of media, then consider this easel stand. It can stand upright for ones who work with oil paints and it can also be folded down which is great for watercolorists. It requires quite a lot of space too, and it is sturdy. Convertible easel stand ranges from $90 to $750. 

 5. Single Mast Easel

If you are looking for a very affordable easel stand, then you can choose the single mast easel. It is less sturdy than the H frame easel and A frame easel, but it can hold quite a large painting up to 50 inches. The single mast easel is best for beginners. The range of price for this easel stand is $42 to $600. 

 6. Tabletop Easel 

Working sitting down? Using smaller sized canvas? Then the tabletop is perfect for you. It is portable and easily stored away. It is perfect for indoor uses and it is quite sturdy as well. It can go as cheap as $15 and all the way up to $200. 

7. Plein Air Easel 

Plein air painting calls a Plein air easel stand. This one is portable and lightweight, so it is very easy to handle. There are several different designs for this easel stand, such as the French easel and Tripod design that comes with either pochade box or palette box.

8. Bench Easel

Last but not least, there is also the bench easel. The bench easel combines easel and chair which supports comfort during working. If you enjoy sitting down, then it’s great for you. Some people might not like it because they prefer standing up while working on their painting. The price ranges from $200 to $400.

Neira San

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