Steps of Making a Wax Seal for Beginners

Wax seal is a beautiful and elegant decoration that is quite popular these days. They might seem simple, but they can get somewhat tricky as well especially if you choose to do it from scratch instead of purchasing a pre-made wax seal. Making your own wax seal enables you to have a unique and distinct mark like no other. And most of all, it is fun to do. If you wish to find out more you can visit 

Putting it simply, all you have to do is melt down your wax over a source of heat and pour it down onto the surface that you want. Then, press down the melted wax before it hardens with a wax sealing stamp. Once it cools down completely and the stamp gets lifted, you will get a beautiful wax seal. 

To make sure that you do it right, here are some useful tips for wax sealing that you should definitely remember.

1. Chilling Your Stamp

It is much better to use a cold wax seal for wax sealing because the impression on the wax will be more prominent compared to using a room temperature wax sealing stamp. You can chill your stamp by either dunking it in a bowl of ice or keeping it in the refrigerator while you melt down your wax.

2. Melting Your Wax

For melting your wax, you can either use the traditional wax melting spoon or a glue gun. More people find the latter option more convenient because you don’t necessarily require a separate heat source and it is relatively safer as well. You can definitely work faster and easier with a glue gun without much hassle. With a glue gun, you are free to take a break whenever you want and continue when you are ready again while keeping the wax in the glue gun and you can immediately melt it again easily with it. For a large quantity of wax sealing making, it is perfect to use a glue gun.  

What is tricky about a glue gun is to control the shape of the wax as you pour it onto the surface. Also, some people fail to control the glue gun heat. If the wax is too hot, it won’t produce an impression that looks crisp and beautiful.

3. Pouring the Wax

You must be really careful in this step. Try not to make a mess and create a good round shape as you pour down your wax onto the surface that you want so that you can stamp it easier. However, this is also a preference. Some people prefer a more natural shape with a messy edge. So, you are free to make it however you want. If you want a nice looking stamp, try to keep it in the middle as you pour down the wax, and maintain a steady hand until you get the size of the wax seal that you want.

4. Wax Seal Stamping

The next and final step in wax sealing is stamping. Take your chilled stamp and make sure to blot it to have a completely dry wax seal stamp before it is used. Immediately press down on your melted wax to create an impression before it hardens completely and there you have your wax seal. 

Christie Boyer

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