Do These 3 Things to Print Outstanding Postcard 

The trends in the marketing and advertising world shifts with technology. A lot of people use digital marketing more these days, however, this doesn’t entirely diminish the importance of traditional marketing as well. 

 Traditional marketing always finds its niche, especially for people who are not keen on the internet. 

 And not only that, traditional marketing definitely benefit especially small to medium-sized business as they can save up a lot of funds for marketing. 

 One of the great alternatives that you can choose when you are trying to decide which traditional marketing alternative to choose is postcards. Postcard printing in Singapore is still demanded every now and then, showing how it works effectively on the target audience and help businesses gain returns. 

 Before you print your postcards, you have to know these important tips: 

1. High-Quality Pictures

Yes, it is great to insert pictures, images, or photographs into the design of your postcard to make it more attractive. But since surely you want a high-quality postcard printing result, you can’t rely on the printer only to get you the outcome you want. It is first important to make sure that the design of your postcard is of high quality as well. If you are inserting pictures, you have to check for the resolution. At the very least, it needs to be 300 dpi. This can get you a pixelation free result upon printing. It is better if you can get images in higher resolution for sharper printing results. If you fail to find high-resolution images, you will get a grainy image or photograph that looks bad on the postcard. 

 2. Plan Out Engaging Content

What is very important for a postcard for marketing is the content of the postcard. It is the key message that needs to be delivered effectively to the target audience to actually make them take action on your promotion.  

Remember that a postcard has very limited space. Even if you print a larger sized postcard, you still don’t get more space because that only means that you should design and print bigger. So, you have to prioritize the information that needs to be present on your postcard. Know what is important and what is not, emphasize your best strength, and avoid beating around the bush. Make it a straightforward postcard and make sure that the target audience gets what you are trying to convey with it by using simple words that are easy to understand. Of course, the words still need to be arranged in an engaging way so that people will be interested in what you have to say.

3. Print on Both Sides

There are two sides to your postcard, definitely don’t only use one. Make the most of both and make it an effective postcard. One side can simply be an image with a simple text like a call to action to let people have a general idea of what promotion you are trying to say. The other one is the content that they need to read to learn more about it. 

Tomas Holbert

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