Tips For Making A Memorable Thank You Card 

Today, you must know how to show concern for colleagues, employers, or your future employer, right? This is by sending a follow-up in the form of writing in a short letter or thank you card. A thank you is certainly always appreciated. However, in making it, you don’t just write on the card and finish it, but you have to consider things that will make the card you make more memorable and the person who receives it will always remember the card you gave. If you are looking for how this is done, then you are on the right page. These are the tips for making a memorable thank you card. 

1. Be thoughtful 

In the cards that you give, be thoughtful, and genuinely express what you want to convey. Instead of just writing on your card something basic and too standard like “thank you for the opportunity given”, you better elaborate more specifically on what things the person has done for you. 

Not only that, but ask yourself, did you learn anything new? Are you inspired by something that was just said? These things are also included in the reasons why you should express gratitude. 

Those who give extra miles, trust and more effort, are those who will be more likely to succeed and be well known by those around, including you. Gratitude will always greatly appreciated. So, when you want to make a card, not only say “thank you”, but also add another sentence that explains in detail why you are grateful and the recipient has the right to know to appreciate you. 

 2. Be timely 

One way to make your greeting cards even better is to pay attention to the time when you give the  cards. Make sure you don’t wait until the next day to give the card, because people are always busy and have a lot to take care of. The longer you wait, the bigger chance the person will forget your name, and maybe confuse you with someone else. 

Being on time both in person or in paper will automatically make a good impression on yourself. You will be easier to remember by the former boss and your colleagues. Apart from describing a thank you card, you can also send an email to follow up, so the recipient will know right away that you are thinking of them.   

3. Have a Longlasting Good Penmanship  

It will make you more easily recognized in other ways other than your face and voice. Write the greeting or sentence on your card in a neat and structured manner. Make sure there is no spelling error so that in the future, they will come to your table without having to ask because they know you through the greeting card given or the writing you make. 

So? Are you ready to make a thank you card? Don’t forget to apply the tips mentioned above, good luck! 

Devin Garde

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