The Things That Must be Followed in Making Certificate! 

Are you going to make certificates for a competition event? Or maybe for a conference? Certificate can be used in various events. It is usually given as recognition, appreciation, or awards to the recipient. Nowadays, you may find it in two forms, printed or digital. But, both of them still have the same function. If you are interested in making it, here are several things that must be following when creating a certificate! 

1. Specify the Certificate Type 

So, you want to make a certificate, right? But what kind of certificate? Is it a certificate of achievement, participation, or award? In making a certificate, you have to begin with identify the type of certificate that you want to create. Additionally, you also need to decide whether you will make it printed or in a digital format. 


2. Required Information and Elements 

Have you found a certificate that has no information on it? It is definitely no, right? That’s because you will always find information written on it, whether it is the name of the recipient or even the title of the certificate. Because information is required for making certificates, here are some main elements and information that will be needed on certificates.  

  • Title of certificate 
  • Recipient’s name 
  • The name of the organization or person that has the authority to issue the document. 
  • Brief description of the certificate 
  • Date of issue 

Note: You are free to add more information to the certificate if necessary.  


3. Create Design 

Once you have all the information you need, you can start designing. Some of the recommended design apps that you can try are Adobe and Corel. However, you can also make it online at Canva, Adobe Spark, and other online design platforms. Don’t forget about all of the elements and information when making it. Also, one more thing, be careful with the font type and size. Avoid choosing font type and size that is difficult for people to read. 


4. Print Certificates 

Wait! Don’t be rush to print the design before you check everything that you have put on it. Why? Because once you print it, you have to be ready if there any issue that you did not realize when making it. Then, if everything alright, you can continue to print it.  

You have two alternatives for print the design. Do it independently or visit a professional printing service. But, please note, if you expect to get a high-quality result, it is recommended to print certificate design at a professional certificate printing service. 

Note: There are various types of paper that can be used to print certificates. Choose the best one that fits your needs and budget! 


5. Signatures, Seals, and Stamps 

The certificate will not be completed until it is authorized! Therefore, signatures, seals, and stamps will be added as a symbol of official permission from the authorities. But is it necessary to do that? Yes, because only organizations and people who have authority can issue certificates. That’s why signatures, stamps, and seals are a must when creating a certificate! 

Devin Garde

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