4 Tips Before Buying a Self-Inking Stamp Maker 

Used by many people and organizations, a rubber stamp is not something new for us. You may find it used on the certificate or perhaps on business documents. Did you know that there is more than one type of rubber stamps today? One of the most favourite rubber stamps is a self-inking stamp! For those who want to stamp in a large quantity, this type of rubber stamp will be perfect for you. The self-inking stamp uses water-based inks. Every time an impression is made, the stamp will be re-inks. Do you know why it can be one of the most favourite rubber stamps? That is because a self-inking stamp is super affordable and easy to get! If you want to get it, there are several tips that you can follow before you go out and ask the maker to produce yours. So, let’s see some tips! 

 1. Know What Would You Do with the Self-Inking Stamp 

Seriously, you need to know what your purpose is in making the stamp. Knowing the purpose gives you an idea of what you will create with the stamp, how it looks, the information required, and what ink colourwill be perfect for the stamp. That’s the reason why you need to know what you are going to do with the stamp! 

 2. References 

People often need references to make sure they create the right stamp. There are several ways you can follow in searching out the references. First, of course, the internet! We can say that almost everything can be found in it as long as you have a gadget and an internet connection. The second one, since rubber stamp is widely and often use, there must be lots of documents affixed by using it. Find and collect some documents with the stamp impression since you can make it as a reference too. 

Note: Looking for references is not mandatory in making a self-inking stamp. You can skip it if you think that you already know! 

 3. Necessary Information or Details 

Maybe information won’t be required if the stamp that you want to create is something like a passed stamp or checked stamp. But for the company stamp, you must know that the rubber has to be engraved into the company registration number or perhaps the official logo of the company. So, some information is required for that. By having a clear understanding of the purpose of making it and after finding out some of the references, you can definitely know what the information that will be needed for your stamp. 

 4. Your Decision Determines the Result of Your Self-Inking Stamp! 

The way you choose the stamp maker determines how your stamp will be. How will you find it? Ask someone to recommend a stamp maker for you? Find the closest maker near you? Or perhaps searching and reading some reviews of stamp makers on the internet? You can do anything to find the best stamp maker based on your verse. But things to keep in mind, you need to make sure that you choose a rubber stamp maker that specialized and experienced in manufacturing it.   

Tomas Holbert

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