Don’t Send Your Wedding Invitation Card Before You Have Read These 4 Tips! 

A wedding card is one of those little items that you should not miss when you decide to share a wonderful wedding moment with others. The card is a medium to let people know that they are officially invited and expected to attend the wedding. Because of that, the wedding card is super essential!  

In preparing and making a wedding card, there are a few main steps. Starting with compiling a guest list, ensuring all information needed, creating a design, printing a design at a wedding card printing service, and finally sending it. 

For the last step or when you are ready to send out the card, there are several tips that can be applied for that. So, here are some tips that you can follow!  

 1. Time

Before sending out wedding cards, have you decided when will you send it? Normally, people send cards 8 – 6 weeks before the wedding day, but that depends on you actually. You need to keep in mind, that you have to avoid sending wedding cards too early or maybe sending the card just a few days before the wedding. If you send out the invitations too early, people may forget about your wedding. Also, if you send the card just a few days before the wedding, the recipient might have marked their calendar for another activity. So, give them some times, neither too long nor too short, that you think will be enough for the recipients to arrange their time so they can come to your wedding.  

2. Proofread Address and Name  

What will happen if you want to invite “Ammy” but you just write “Emmy” on the envelope? As the recipient gets the card, she may feel uncomfortable with that. So, please avoid making some typos on the card. Because of that, you must double-check all recipient names and addresses before. Also, another thing, be careful about writing the wrong last name or title. It is better if you ask the recipient first to make sure about their name or title before you put it on the envelope.  

3. For Recipients Who Live in A Different City or Country 

Does the person you want to invite live in another city or country? For this case, you have a few options. First, you can send the wedding cards earlier. Why? Because the cards will take more times to arrive. Then, the recipient may need more time to arrange their time or plan their transportation to go to your wedding.  Or second, you can send them virtual invitations which can minimize the time and cost of sending the card.  

4. Additional Invitations

In some cases, when it comes to sending invitation cards, people suddenly remember about several people who should be on the guest list. Another case, sometimes a few the cards are lost in the mail. Both of these conditions should be resolved as soon as you can. So, to tackle the situation, you need to always prepare additional invitations. But how many invitation cards are needed? You can order 10 additional cards, or if you want more, you can prepare for 20 more extra.

Christie Boyer

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